What Do We Do?

It is the mission of Chakra Creations to develop the most unique products and activities possible to get busy minds in the present moment. We help people get “unstuck” from their tiring lifestyles. We engage them in certain physical and mental exercises, which help them understand the importance of being in the present and letting go of everything that does not favor their peace.

Being in the moment has become a popular practice for the modern world. It is a psychological training exercise for the brain to enhance mental health, helping conditions such as anxiety, depression and chronic pain. However, learning to be centered in this crazy world is very difficult. Do we really know how to find this pause? When it comes to living in the moment, some activities get our minds more attuned for this state of calm. Our products aim to do just that.

Our custom line of products includes essential oil infused paint pens and pre-printed, flat surfaced stones, to be colored in and shared with others as an act of kindness and self-reward.

Quiet Your Mind and Your Soul Will Start Speaking

Before we even get into a detailed explanation about who we are, here’s something to do – Drop your shoulders, let go of the stiffness from your neck, blink a couple of times. Now, just breathe in and breathe out. There. How do you feel?

Better than you did before you started reading this?

We are all the souls that are lost in technology. We are constantly in the process of achieving and accomplishing this and that. We forget that we need to unplug from time to time. When we do not give our mind and body the healing and the love that they need, we experience dis-ease, be it mental and/or physical.

Who We Are

We’re individuals who started where you are right now, a few years ago – deep in stress and in the middle of the paranoia of the world. As we couldn’t escape anymore of the world, we understood that peace is not found outside, but within. It’s surprising, isn’t it? Everything that you need is right inside you in abundance. You just need to unlock that door through mindfulness.

How Can We Help You?

You can either choose to tell us about the stressing areas of your life or you can tell yourself the same. The idea of communicating with your soul is to not to make it listen to you, but to acknowledge your stressors and letting them go.

We help you understand that there is more to life than worry and constant stress. And that you owe yourself and your body that little bit of kindness and love. Whether you are looking for more Zen, or recovering from any ailment – we would love to be a part of your healing process!