Why Are You Crying #8

It is when you least expect it that it all comes to you.  I was at MD Anderson Cancer Center’s waiting room when it finally occurred me.  I knew how to recreate the coloring book!  It would incorporate all the things I loved, kindness, essential oils,  and of course coloring.  Now it seemed so simple to me. 

I would recreate the coloring book to be a kindness rock kit accept the rocks would be custom made for a flat, smooth, light colored finish.  Each rock would have a printed pattern on it to be colored in.  The paint pens would be scented with essential oils.  The instructions would read that after each piece of art was finished, to write a positive message on the back of the rock and then place it somewhere for someone else to find.  This not only incorporated all the things I loved, it made coloring have purpose.  On this day, Chakra Creations was developed to bring hope, relieve us of our fears and to make a kinder world.

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