Sometimes You Have to Lose It All to Get It All Back

Blessed with over two decades of Marriage and a 6 year old son, Marissa Oskarsen is the owner of a electronic manufacturing business that she started in 2007. Although mostly happy, she has struggled with a long history of anxiety and developed depression that spiraled into rage, paranoia and despair.  Traumatized by an unsolved mystery, and struggling with reality, she voluntarily checked herself into a wellness center where she learned activities that promoted mindfulness meditation and living in the now.

Marissa believes this life awaking experience pressed her “restart button” and allowed her to live an entirely new and more meaningful life. She is convinced anyone can “refresh” their own life just by following a mindfulness lifestyle. It is her biggest wish that she can spread awareness, that we can all discover the rebirth and peace that comes with living in the moment.

Having experienced personal hospitalization for depression and anxiety, owner Marissa Oskarsen, developed these products not only to aid the well being of others but also to help offset the high costs involved in getting care. Five percent of profits go towards patient’s unpaid bills at supporting hospitals.