Sometimes You Have to Lose It All to Get It All Back

My journey began when I gave up all that did not serve me and reclaimed my life. After witnessing the attacks in India I started feeling guilty and questioned my purpose. Combined with other life struggles including, sudden financial misfortunes due to the tariffs placed on China, a scare with breast cancer and trauma by an unsolved crime involving my family, which left me out of touch with reality for almost a year, put me even further away from finding my true self. I fell into a dark place, I was lost emotionally, spiritually and physically. I was fighting but needed help. I checked myself into a wellness center to let it all go and to find peace and comfort. This is where my transformation started.

In hindsight, I realize now that my hardships were a necessary part of my path in finding my purpose. My struggles became my most valuable assets, they taught me to live a more meaningful life. Today I own my story. And my story, it will never own me again. I know where I have been. I know where I am today. And I know where I am going. I live in the present moment. I am conscious of everything around me. I take in and savor all that I can enjoy. And any pain I experience along the way is now used to ponder on and to find liberation from rather than to waste in.

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves from some emotional distress, but sometimes we need help to tap into that power. I was trying to solve my own problems but I was dealing with a tragedy. I was searching for the unknown, looking for answers and unwilling to forgive. I needed healers to help me find my way. When I finally got help, I practiced all the teachings until I knew my true soul had been found and healed. This new awareness was so transforming and liberating that I was inspired to share what I had learned.

As a professional, I’ve trained in all areas of mindfulness; breathwork, meditation, living in the present moment, the art of listening and receiving, passing no judgment and loving-kindness. I developed Chakra Creations because these activities really help heal emotional distress. Even the seemingly too easy painting of a rock, relaxes you, slows your breathing, places you in the present moment, lets your creativity take you away and inspires you bring life to whatever you are working on. Without even realizing it, you have become more balanced and peaceful.

Having experienced personalized help for my past, these products are not only to aid the wellbeing of others but to also help offset the high costs involved in getting care. Five percent of profits go towards patient’s unpaid bills at supporting centers.