What Do We Do?

Chakra Creations’ products are the first of its kind, to help give you insight into your soul, improving your quality of life and those around you. Each item is designed to unlock your inner peace and is made to be passed on to another. Sharing across the world and reminding us to be kinder.

Our products include, Art From Your Soul and Transcribe Your Unconscious Mind

Quiet Your Mind and Your Soul Will Start Speaking

Before we even get into a detailed explanation of our products and focused meditation, here’s something to do. Sit it in a comfortable position. With pen and paper, write down the environment around you. List all the sounds you hear, smells in the air, and describe the feeling of anything you are physically touching.

There. How do you feel? Better than you did before you started reading this? That’s because you quieted your mind from the past and the future to focus on the present moment. That is the first step in focused meditation.

Focused meditation, is a psychological training exercise for the brain to enhance its mental health. By fully engaging in one activity, such as Chakra Creations’ meditative writing or painting, your mind gets quiet. Through compassion we are able to recognize and be fully present towards our feelings. We see how they are related to others, acquire empathy and understand how we can support one another.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you are just looking to spread kindness, or recovering from any ailment – we would love to be a part of your process!